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2019 Honda HR-V Sport AWD 3-in-1

Written by Marco Carvajal

If you need 3 different types of cars, a compact, a crossover, and a small SUV, then the Honda HR-V can give you the 3-in-1 happy hour buy for the price of one. The 2020 Honda HR-V can bring automotive versatility and practicality to a new sphere.

Drivers usually need a compact car for everyday routine chores in the city or near home. But sometimes you may need a more spacious family car? What if you want to pack accessories and bags to go on a road trip adventure? Honda is trying to fullfil all your needs with just one car. Choosing the Honda HR-V you get a 3-in-1 compact crossover with the performance of a small SUV.

To maximize the value of the HR-V, it has been 5-star Safety Rated and All-Wheel-Drive, which combines the best qualities of a hatchback, SUV, and a compact. 2019 Honda HR-V Car buyers keep asking car manufacturers to produce more SUVs. The new trend is that we like big cars with more space. We like more space because we have big parking areas, wide highways, and plenty of space, so why not to own a bigger car? Bigger cars consume more gasoline or energy, but in general energy prices in the United States are lower than in most international countries, so we can have the luxury of having bigger cars without killing our budget. The HR-V consumes 28 MPG on the city, and 34 MPG in the highway, with an average of 30 MPG combined. Based on this consumer market need for bigger cars, Honda has created the perfect sized car for those who like a bigger car than a compact, but don’t want get a huge SUV.

The HR-V is a nice car with enough space for the whole family abd friends, plenty of features and a good price.

2019 Honda HR-V Sport AWD The 2019 Honda HR-V Sport AWD is a compact crossover following its versatility rules. It has so-called long and tall modes, which gives the option to change the seats position and make the space taller and/or longer. For example, if you take down both the back and the front seat, it will give you about 8ft of space. For a fair price this car offers a good set of tech features needed for safe and enjoyable driving, its safety was rated with the 5 stars by the NHTSA. The HR-V sounds, looks and feels promising to those leading a dynamic outdoor and family life, and ready to drive for the adventures, providing space, and performance. The brand name Honda is a sign of quality that consumers trust. Not the most luxurious or fancy car in the market, but definitely a very nice and quality car that people can trust and enjoy. Go Honda!

I like the HR-V! Not too big, not too small. For people like me who love variety, this type of car is very convenient.  Sometimes I will be in a big city like New York, Paris or London where it will be hard to park or drive due to the limited space, and then don’t want a big car.

Sometimes I will be driving through the country or the suburbs and it is nice to have a bigger car with more passenger space and cargo. So the HR-V is the happy medium, not too big and not too small! Trims 2019 HR-V Trim Models:

  • LX
  • Sport (the one I am test driving)
  • EX
  • EX-L
  • Touring

These five models are available as AWD for an additional charge, the Touring is AWD standard. Price In terms of pricing, the HR-V starts around $21K MSRP, it is a very affordable price for a compact SUV, so the HR-V is also a very attractive buy, due to its reasonable cost.

  • The 2019 Honda HR-V Sport model AWD I am test driving has a low MSRP of $25,220


  • AWD CVT W/1.8L In-Line 4-Cylinder ENGINE
  • 141 Horse Power @ 6500 rpm
  • Torque (SAE net) 127 lb-ft @ 4300 rpm
  • The CVT, Continuously Variable Transmission gives good stability on the road.
  • 16-Valve SOHC i-VTEC Valve Train

Interior For a compact crossover, the Honda HR-V has the enough legroom at the driving seat. All controls and buttons are located just right under your fingertips, and with a Bluetooth system, you won’t need to touch your phone to answer the call or change the volume of the favorite song. The HR-V is very digital, with a lot of Apps and digital controls. I would like some more manual controls, but the digital controls are easy to use. 2nd-Row Magic Seat

The 2nd-row Magic Seat feature lets you fold the rear seatbacks almost completely flat or fold the seat cushions up in order to carry tall cargo like a bicycle upright in the second row.

With this practical feature, your second row becomes an additional trunk. Safety As usual with Honda, safety is a priority and you will get several safety features to protect yourself and the whole family. The HR-V has important safety features standard included, and several optional features.

  • Vehicle Stability Assist
  • Multi-Angle Rearview Camera
  • SmartVent Airbags
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Exterior The exterior of the HR-V is nicely designed, it is attractive. Priced at less than 30K, this is a great buy for a great looking car.  The versatile crossover look is modern. Elegant body lines make the HR-V futuristic.

The optional honeycomb grill produces an enhanced sporty look.
2020 Honda HR-V
2019 Honda HR-V Sport

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